Revenge Spells by Black Magic Spellcaster Katos

Black magic revenge spells… It sounds scary, but is it really so? Yes, these are very dark rituals that can cause a target person to have bad luck, health issues, money issues, relationship issues, sex problems, etc. Should a person be afraid of doing it on enemies? No. The fact is that a person who decides to do it has already been pushed to the inner state of revenge for a serious reason.

Many people are used to what Christianity teaches us “if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” In some situations, these words can sound like, “if a maniac rapes you, do not resist; let him rape you and then kill you.”

Hitting back is normal. The person who pushed your thoughts to the idea of a black magic revenge spell deserves it. Perhaps you are not the first one offended by that person, and after running away from the “maniac,” you have the right to punish him.

Before doing a black magic revenge spell, I verify that a target person deserves it. If I can see the person’s guilt, I will accept your order. In this case, the spell will not fire back to you because the destruction I bring restores the balance of Good and Evil in the Universe.


    My spiritual name is Katos. I'm used to fighting for justice. Justice is the main motivation for me to do black magic revenge spells. Bad people should be given a lesson for their deeds. Bad people should be punished. If you are interested in a revenge spell or in getting more details, you can write to my WhatsApp, email [email protected] or the contact form below. Whether you order a revenge spell or not, I'll keep our communication in secret.