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13798615547 Miss. Xie

Jumper New Energy
Kiln Technology

A modern technology enterprise specializing in the new kilns of research and development, design, installation and construction

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Roller Hearth Kiln
Circulation Line
Box Furnace
Rotary Kiln
  • Atmospheric Roller Kiln

    Atmospheric Roller Kiln

  • Air Roller Kiln

    Air Roller Kiln

  • Mixed Heat Source Roller Kiln

    Mixed Heat Source Roller Kiln

  • Automated Sagger Handling System

    Circulation Line

  • Box Furnace

    Box Furnace

  • Rotary Kiln

    Rotary Kiln


    Jumper New Energy Technology

    Guangdong Jumper New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Foshan, China. It is a professional lithium battery material sintering equipment company integrating scientific research, design, processing, manufacturing, construction, installation and commis...

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