As a black magic spellcaster, I am often asked about the use of spells to bring about the end of a romantic relationship. These spells, known as break up spells, are a powerful tool for those looking to end a relationship that no longer serves them.

Different types of break up spells can be used, each with unique properties and effects. Some spells are designed to cause the relationship to end, while others are intended to bring about a specific outcome or resolution.

One popular type of break up spell is the “uncrossing” spell, which removes negative energy and blockages that may prevent the relationship from ending. This spell can clear away any negative energy that may prevent the two people from moving on and help bring closure and a sense of peace.

Another type of a break up spell is the “banishing” spell, which is used to force someone to leave or to remove them from your life. This type of spell is typically used when someone is unwilling to end the relationship or is causing harm or negativity in the relationship.

Break up spells are not just for ending romantic relationships; they can also end friendships, business partnerships, or any other connection that no longer serves you.


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